Peter Bunting backer resigns, claims others are being sidelined in the PNP

Councillor Kari Douglas

Councillor Kari Douglas, who supported Peter Bunting in his failed bid for the presidency of the People’s National Party (PNP), has resigned as the leader of the PNP team on the important Building and Town Planning Committee of the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC).

Douglas said in a letter to Andrew Swaby, who is the Minority Leader in the KSAMC, that she was forced to resign based on resistance from Dr Phillips supporters who are adamant that she should not remain in the post.

According to Douglas, the day after Bunting’s defeat she had offered her resignation based on reports that some PNP councillors, who backed Phillips, had indicated that they would not sit on the Building and Town Planning Committee if she continued to lead it.

“You may also recall not accepting my resignation offer while indicating that Dr Phillips had called publicly for the party to now unite and hence you did not expect that type of victimisation or puerile resistance to my continuing to contribute in a space in which I am highly qualified to so do,” said Douglas.

Dr Peter Phillips left and Peter Bunting.

She charged that in light of the vindictive push to have her removed as leader of the committee she had no option but to resign with immediate effect.

“Minority Leader, it remains my view that the various leadership structures of our beloved party, of which you are a part, will not too long from now rue its approach subsequent to the leadership race which has seen talented comrades sidelined because they dared to take a position towards improving the viability of our party and its chances of success at the next general election,” warned Douglas.