Peter Bunting explains why he’d be the ideal PNP president

PNP presidential aspirant Peter Bunting sat down for an interview with BUZZ’ Gavay Watt, in which he outlined his vision to transform the PNP into a more effective organisation that is fit to meet the challenges of the modern era.

“We need a transformed PNP that is fit for today’s purpose. Any organization that is 80 years and older has to evolve and adapt to modernise for the current era…” Bunting said. “I think we have to look at our structure, I think we have to look at the way we engage our membership and our supports. We have to use modern communications technology to continuously engage them in a two-way dialogue.”

He said that the rebranding of the party to make it more attractive to young people will be one of the things he’ll tackle in his first 100 days as PNP president, should he defeat Dr Peter Phillips on Saturday.

Delegates will vote Saturday (Sept 7) on whether or not to return Phillips as president of the party.

See video below for more on Bunting’s plans to transform the PNP and his prime ministerial ambitions.