Petition for removal of custom duty for items US$100 and lower gains traction

If you import anything from overseas to Jamaica, then you understand how difficult is it can be to navigate customs and its fees. It’s why Jamaicans have finally decided to do something about it. A petition on the Office of the Prime Minister’s website is calling for the lowering of the custom duty fees for items that cost US$100 or below.

The petition began on September 16 and has gained more than 11, 000 of the 15,000 signatures needed for the Prime Minister to consider the proposition.

The writer of the petition argues that the change in duty fees would allow for a greater accessibility to goods.

“Recognising the change in local consumption, liberalised spending and adjusted travel pattern especially due to the COVID 19 pandemic. An increase of the minimal value from US$50 to US$100 free of customs duty on all personal items being imported in Jamaica would allow for greater accessibility to goods,” it said.