Petition to shut down Pornhub gets 1.5 million signatures

A petition to shut down Pornhub for allegedly benefitting from the rape and sex trafficking of women and children has received 1.5 million signatures.

The #Trafficinghub movement has produced an animated video, which has over 25 million views across all platforms, that shares the experiences of women and children that it says are exploited for gain.

The video claims Pornhub has no system to verify the age or confirm consent of the people featured in its more than six million videos uploaded annually. As a result, users are able to share acts of real sexual violence against adults and children.

In one instance, the movement says a 15-year-old girl from Florida, who was missing for a year, was found after almost 60 videos of her being raped and abused were found being monetized on the site.

#Traffickinghub’s petition has called on Pornhub’s executives to be held accountable for the alleged crimes and has received support from over 300 child protection and anti-trafficking organisations.

Traffickinghub founder, Laila Mickelwait, said “The world is waking up to the fact that Pornhub is infested with videos of the real rape and sex trafficking of underage victims as well as vulnerable women. There are now millions around the globe boycotting the site and calling for Pornhub t be shut down.”