Philippines residents told to evacuate following volcanic activity

Some 8000 persons have been told to evacuate after a volcano in the Philippines begun to show signs of activity.

The Taal volcano, which is located on an island in Taal Lake, began spewing forth ash on Sunday (Jan 12) with persons nearby indicating that they heard a rumbling sound and felt some tremors at the time.

Taal Volcano in the Philippines has started showing signs of activity prompting evacuation. (Photo: Bloomberg)

Residents have started wearing masks and bags in a bid to prevent ash from affecting them.

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The second most active volcano in the Philippines now has a smoke plume of over a kilometre into the sky and many suspect that eruption is imminent for the volcano that has erupted over 34 times in the last 450 years.

Flights have been suspended from the Manilla International Airport as authorities try to get ready for any scenario that may develop out of this. Warnings have also been issued for a potential volcano induced tsunami for nearby areas.