Phillip Pauwell confirms US visa also revoked

Opposition Spokesperson on Mining and Energy, Phillip Paulwell (Photo: JIS)

People’s National Party (PNP) Member of Parliament for East Kingston and Port Royal, Phillip Pauwell is confirming his US visa has also been revoked.

Pauwell, who issued a statement from his constituency page on Facebook, joins Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) MP Daryl Vaz as news of the surprise cancellations made headlines earlier Friday morning, November 1.

“I have received news and subsequent confirmation that my visa issued by the United States of America has been revoked; no reasons have been provided however, they have advised that if I intend to travel to the US I would need to reapply for a US Visa,” Paulwell indicated.

“I will be in touch with the United States Embassy to seek further clarity on this visa revocation and use the necessary channels to seek redress,” he added.

Paulwell, who is currently off the island, has been in Cuba attending an anti-imperialist conference.

He is due to return to Jamaica sometime next week.

The Oppositon Spokesperson on Mining and Energy further explained that his trips to Cuba were as a result of a telecommunications project in the communist country – for which, he’s been a consultant for the Government of the Republic of Cuba.

“In this regard, I have made several visits in the past 12 months to the Republic of Cuba,” Paulwell asserted.