Pics from my journey from COVID-19-hit countries to Jamaica

When I left home to study abroad on a full scholarship, I had no idea that months later the world would be facing its greatest health crisis in decades and it would be in the country where I was studying, China.

As news on the COVID-19 started to spread and cause serious concerns for the world, my family back home was concerned for my safety and wanted me home.

The cost to get me home and get back in time without putting my scholarship in jeopardy had to be factored in and thus some time to think it through was needed. Within two days of waiting to make a decision, things started to change, rapidly.

Travel restrictions were implemented in my home country, Jamaica and others along the route I took to get to China, thus complicating my return home. I had to face the consequence of being quarantined in a country (China) that doesn’t have the best of records when it comes to quality healthcare and managing health crises.

Despite the daunting challenge and risks, I decided to make the 72-hour journey home and documented the sights and challenges. The photos here are some of the shots (I’m no professional photographer by any stretch of the imagination) on the journey across the different provinces in China, South Korea and Germany on my way to Jamaica.

I have never seen airports so empty. It’s almost as if I was in a movie about the end of the world.

Yea, I am in quarantine in Jamaica and I’ll tell you all about it when I am out.

Note: Name withheld to protect the identity of the writer.