Pirates of the Caribbean: Social media users weigh in on continued CMU drama

Professor Fritz Pinnock, president of the Maritime University.

Social media has been abuzz as persons give their two cents on the situation that continues to unfold at the Caribbean Maritime University (CMU).

One person likened the entire saga to the popular movie franchise Pirates of the Caribbean which ironically has a storyline that includes Port Royal, just mere chains from the institution.

Leaks from an audit submitted by the Auditor General’s Department has put the educational institution in a negative light after reports have surfaced of financial irregularities and lack of accountability. Still at the centre of the drama are CMU President Professor Fritz Pinnock and former Education Minister Ruel Reid. The financial irregularities are said to involve Pinnock getting reimbursed on several instances to include when he made a purchase for a watch, computers, eyeglasses, Bailey’s rum cream among other things.

Former Education Minster Ruel Reid.

One Twitter user remarked that corruption is at the root of the problem: “#CMUReport gives a glimpse of how deeply rooted corruption is in our culture. The focus must be on putting in accountable systems in place so this NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN.”

Another Twitter user noted that proper accounting policies are needed to provide better checks and balances as it comes to these agencies and ministries.

The CMU campus in Kingston.

“By putting in proper centralized systems it is possible to enable real-time visibility into the financial workings of the various government agencies to ensure compliance with spending guidelines and prevent malfeasance or fraud,” Twitter user Shawn Wenzel remarked.