Plane kills brown bear while landing in Alaska

A brown bear was killed after a plane hit it while landing at the Yakutat Airport in southeast Alaska.

The damaged Alaska Airlines plane which hit the brown bear.

The Alaska Airlines plane was damaged during the incident however, none of the passengers or crew onboard were injured. 

Reports are that the captain had been given clearance for landing and proceeded in a normal fashion, unaware that there was a two-year-old cub on the runway. 

It is understood that one of the plane’s engines collided with the bear.

“The nose gear missed the bear, but the captain felt an impact on the left side after the bear passed under the plane,”  said the airline in a statement.

The airline added that the bear was only seen as the plane taxied to a parking area just before 6:30 p.m.

While the airport is partly enclosed, it is not uncommon for deer, geese, caribou and other animals to enter the runway.

Due to the presence of animals in the surrounding area, staff at Yakutat Airport are mandated to undergo wildlife training.