PM Holness: ‘Jamaica must become environmentally conscious’

Prime Minister Andrew Holness (Photo: Don Waysome)

Prime Minister Andrew Holness is calling on Jamaica to make greater efforts to become environmentally conscious.

“Jamaica is not a significant emitter of carbon and other environmentally depleting emissions, but Jamaica suffers from the effects of climate change by virtue of its location, by virtue of being an island and by virtue of being small,” he began.

Founder and Chairman of New Fortress Energy Wes Edens presents another ‘FRST’ for Jamaica alongside Prime Minister Andrew Holness off the coast of St. Elizabeth (Photo: Don Waysome)

“And so, we have to be environmentally conscious. We have to internalise that and also integrate that in everything that we do,” said Holness.

The Prime Minister gave his keynote address at the launch of New Fortress Energy’s Floating Regasification Storage Terminal (FRST); off Moneymusk’s coastline in St. Elizabeth.

Minister Without Portfolio in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, Daryl Vaz, encouraged more Jamaican companies to become more environmentally friendly and to “green” their businesses.

Treasure Beach is the first Jamaican community to take up the Caribbean Smart Accelerator’s challenge and make an environmentally conscious approach part of its sustainable development.

On New Fortress Energy’s FRST, the Prime Minister declared that Jamaica must be an example for the rest of the world.

He continued: “There may be some countries that say being environmentally conscious is too costly. But I think that Jamaica is demonstrating that we can put in place the necessary investment and build the infrastructure that reduces costs to the consumer but most importantly reduces the cost to the environment.”

“This FRST is a good example of that and it is a win-win for all of us,” Holness added.

‘Jamaica is demonstrating that we can reduce the cost to the environment’ – PM Holness on FRST (Photo: Don Waysome)

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