‘PM owes country explanation for crime situation’—Jackson

Fitz Jackson

Opposition Spokesman on National Security Fitz Jackson is calling on Prime Minister Andrew Holness to give the country an explanation for the ongoing crime wave.

“It is the prime minister’s job to develop capacity and address the crime crisis in this country. The Prime Minister’s statement is an admission of his total failure to take on the gangs and the violent crime that is causing so many people across the communities to be scared in their homes and fearful of walking down the streets,” Jackson said.

Jackson was referencing an article in which Holness said that crime was beyond the current capacity of the security force to control it.

For his part, Jackson suggested that crime-fighting needs to surgically focus on perpetrators through investigations supported by modern technology.

“This requires the building out of the investigative capacities of the security forces, the addition of resources and placing more boots on the ground in communities as the Opposition has urged consistently,” Jackson said.

Furthermore, Jackson said Holness has assigned “part-time ministers” with no experience in crime-fighting, which result is the current crime crisis.