PM pleased with efforts to relocate iguanas

Andrew Holness

Prime Minister Andrew Holness took to social media recently to commend volunteers and members of the Jamaica Defense Force for relocating a number of Jamaican iguanas to the Hellshire Hills.

“I want to thank the enthusiastic volunteers, along with the Jamaica Defence Force, for successfully relocating the Jamaican Iguanas to their new home within the Hellshire Hills in St Catherine,” he said recently.

The Jamaican Iguana with its brown colour is not to be confused with the green-coloured invasive species in Florida and Cayman Islands. (Photo:

The iguanas were once thought to be extinct, but a small colony of them were found living in the Hellshire Hills in the 1990s. Since then, much work has gone into keeping the species alive and well. It is against this backdrop that the team of volunteers, which included persons from the Urban Development Corporation, National Environment and Planning Agency, Hope Zoo and the International Iguana Foundation, came together and released 14 of the animals into the area deemed most suitable for their continued existence.