PM Rowley says murderers in T&T are ‘idiots’

Dr Keith Rowley, the Prime Minister of Trinidad of Tobago (Photo:

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley on Wednesday described persons engaged in committing murders in Trinidad and Tobago as “idiots” as police continued investigations into the latest killings that have so far pushed the murder toll for the year to 69.

Speaking at a key handing over ceremony for homes in Mount Hope, along the east-west corridor, Rowley said the country was waking up almost on a daily basis to murders.

“We wake up every morning and some idiot has shot somebody.”

— Rowley

“While the vast majority of us focus on the positives of this country and against the storm of negativity…we wake up every morning and some idiot has shot somebody and the news is four dead tonight…and three dead the night before.

“There’s a minority in this country who is hell-bent on destroying our attempt to build a new society in Trinidad and Tobago.”

He told the ceremony that a new society can be built by housing, education, industry “but it can never be built by murder and mayhem.”

He said the time has come for there to be some introspection if progress is to be made.

“We need to take a look at ourselves. We need to take a look at our own responsibilities, at the community level, at the level of officials who are charged with responsibility for public affairs because we are all in this together,” he said.