PM says all gas stations must close by 8:00 pm during curfew hours

Prime Minister Andrew Holness is advising that no gas station should remain open beyond 8:00 pm in keeping with the nightly island-wide curfew currently in place.

The curfew, which was announced by the prime minister on March 30, is part of measures by the government to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Holness noted that the restriction being placed on the opening hours of gas stations is prudent given the challenges being faced by the police in enforcing the curfew orders at these establishments.

“Under the current orders, it is possible for gas stations to remain open, but they are now being used as a gathering place and a potential launching pad for any form of disorder,” Holness said during a digital press conference Friday. “It really distracts the police because they now have to be focusing on gas stations when they should be focusing on other areas.”

He, therefore, advised motorists to make arrangements to fill their tanks before 8:00 pm.