PNP caretaker Byfield calls for urgent intervention amid deepening learning divide

PNP Caretaker for the Gayle division in Western St. Mary, Jouvaughnie Byfield, is calling for an immediate intervention to assist students in the area.

According to Byfield, inherent inequalities in access to internet connection and necessary devices are threatening to deepen the learning divide in Jamaica.

Byfield notes that the divide is most evident in rural parishes, adding that many youths are being left without direction or guidance. 

In order to quickly rectify the issue, which Byfield notes could have long term consequences, he is calling on the Councillor Jason James to make representation through Member of Parliament Robert Montague so that more money can be allocated to purchase devices.

“We need the Ministry of Education and Youth (MOEY) to allocate more tablets and necessary resources to each household in the division,” Byfield said.

“I am also recommending that the government provide a concession to the telecommunication companies to provide data for a set period of time to selected areas or households who cannot pay for data for school,” he added.

Byfield also recommends that the MOEY zero-rate all learning websites to enable students to access the internet without using data.