PNP got it wrong? BUZZ readers chose Bunting over Phillips

Peter Bunting (right) lost to Dr Peter Phillips (left) in PNP's leadership race on Saturday.
Peter Bunting (right) lost to Dr Peter Phillips (left) in PNP’s leadership race on Saturday.

The decision has been made, and as the dust settles on the People’s National Party (PNP) presidential race, some Jamaicans will reflect on the ‘what-ifs’.

Among those are our BUZZ readers, who in our week-long poll, felt that defeated challenger Peter Bunting was better suited to lead the PNP over the returning leader Dr Peter Phillips.

We asked BUZZ readers on Monday, September 2: ‘Who do you think will win the PNP’s leadership race on Saturday, September 7?’, with the two candidates as the only options.

Astoundingly, 80 per cent of BUZZ readers chose Peter Bunting, with the remaining 20 per cent voting for Dr Peter Phillips.

The victory went to Dr Peter Phillips on Saturday, as he and his #OnePNP team secured a 76-vote margin over Peter Bunting and his #RiseUnited outfit.

Out of 2,778 voting delegates, Bunting, with 1,351 votes cast in his favour, lost his challenge for PNP presidency to Dr Phillips, who copped 1,427 votes.