PNP issues apology to Crawford, party says it understands that Jamaican society has evolved

The People’s National Party (PNP) in a statement on Wednesday (July 28) issued an apology to Central Manchester Member of Parliament, Rhoda Crawford.

In its apology the PNP’s vice presidents Ian Hayles and Richard Azan said that they had recognized that “norms” in Jamaican society had evolved noting that what was once considered “cut-and thrust banter” was now deemed unacceptable.

According to the senior party members, the remarks made at last Saturday’s conference were intended to be “political platform oratory” and not offensive but recognized the “offence” caused.

“While it was not the intention of either of us to say anything that could be regarded as outside the range of acceptable political platform oratory, we now both realize that what was said by us has caused offence, not only to our colleague, the Member of Parliament for Central Manchester, but also to  members of the public,” read a joint statement sent out by the party attributed to the men.

“We  apologize to MP Crawford and all who were offended by our remarks.We both consider it important that the political atmosphere in Jamaica should not be a disincentive to participation in political life, especially by women who are still under-represented in representational politics,” added the men in the statement.

According to the political organization, going forward it is commited to being more mindful and how its language may affect others.

Speaking at a party conference on July 24, vice presidents Hayles and Azan harshly criticized the political newcomer’s performance in her constituency.