PNP launches ‘Strong and Ready’ pre-election road tour

PNP President Dr Peter Phillips and talisman Peter Bunting engage with party supporters at the launch of the Strong and Ready tour in Harbour View on Thursday (Photo: Twitter @JamaicaPNP)

The political machinery was out in full swing on Thursday (Jan. 16) as the Peter Phillips-led People’s National Party (PNP) got its pre-election tour off to a start in Harbour View.

With a line-up of frontrunners to include Lisa Hanna, Phillip Paulwell, Peter Bunting, Fitz Jackson, Mikael Phillips, and Dayton Campbell the Strong and Ready tour then hit Bull Bay, as well as Yallahs and Morant Bay in St. Thomas, before ending the day in sections of East Portland and the capital Port Antonio.

PNP president Dr. Peter Phillips argued that the tour is necessary, outside of preparing for the pending general election, as he surmised that Jamaica is in an untenable state – rocked by corruption, crime and economic uncertainty.

“We are going to go through Jamaica, because it is evident in January 2020 that the chaos and crisis that was so evident in 2019 is continuing,” Phillips told the media.

Member of Parliament for East Kingston and Port Royal Phillip Paulwell makes an announcement at the PNP’s launch of the Strong and Ready Tour (Photo: Twitter @JamaicaPNP)

“Murders are up in January over what they were last year January; we are already seeing the dollar collapse; we are already seeing the chaos in the education system, and in the Parliament, we see that they want to cover up of the plunder that is taking place with the people’s resources,” he added.

The Strong and Ready tour will be arguably one of the most unmistakable as the PNP rolled out coaches as it gets set to touch base with every nook and corner of Jamaica.

You cannot miss this bus, BUZZ fam! (Photo: Facebook @DrPeterPhillipsJA)

“We are going out today to signal that we can rescue Jamaica. We are united, we are strong, we are up, we are ready,” the PNP leader continued.

A reinvigorated Damion Crawford was also hot on the campaign trail as was challenger for East Rural St Andrew Joan Gordon-Webly.

The Strong and Ready tour hits West Rural St Andrew as well as sections of St Mary and St Ann today.


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Posted by Peter Phillips on Friday, January 17, 2020