PNP questions need for criminal probe of Jodiann Fearon’s death

Jodiann Fearon

The Parliamentary Opposition has taken issue with Government’s decision to carry out a criminal investigation into the death of Jodian Fearon who died in childbirth last weekend.

Leader of Opposition Business in the Parliament Dr Morais Guy raised the issue in the House of Representatives moments ago.

Guy said the appropriate action at this point would be for the ministry to first conduct its own investigation to find out what transpired with Fearon and ensure that any such mishap is not repeated.

Dr Morais Guy

He added: “I think the ministry itself should do an investigation, find out what happened…so recommendations can be made, so this situation does not recur. This current criminal investigation runs the risk of having the case dragging out in the courts for years and years without any determination. The ministry could launch their own investigation. There is also the Medical Council of Jamaica which has the authority to look into matters like this.”