PNP raises concerns as Dirk Harrison departs Integrity Commission

PNP General Secretary Julian Robinson.

The People’s National Party (PNP) is questioning whether all is well at the Integrity Commission in light of Dirk Harrison’s departure from the entity.

PNP General Secretary Julian Robinson said in a statement Wednesday (Aug 27) that the exit of Harrison, who was acting director of corruption prosecution, is another signal that all is not well at the commission.

‘Dirk Harrison was fearless and made significant strides in exposing corrupt practices.’

—PNP Gen Sec Julian Robinson

Robinson said: “The PNP is expressing dismay that despite the massive increase in acts of corruption across several ministries and agencies of government over the past year, the Integrity Commission has not prosecuted anyone for the any of these breaches. In his role as Contractor General, Dirk Harrison was fearless and made significant strides in exposing corrupt practices as in the reports on the corruption enabling mechanism in the $800 million de-bushing programme and the questionable transactions in the Rooms Report, however, there has been no action beyond the reports.”

He said Harrison’s departure underscores the urgent need for a complete review of the performance of the Integrity Commission to date. Robinson said there should also be a second look at the Integrity Commission Act with a view to strengthening its prosecutorial reach and address gaps in the reporting regulations.