PNP supporters make their way to annual conference

PNP supporters were out in their numbers for the party's annual conference. (Photos: Contributed)
PNP supporters were out in their numbers for the party’s annual conference. (Photos: Contributed)

Delegates, members and supporters of the People’s National Party are now making their way to the National Arena in St Andrew for the public session of the party’s annual conference.

Today’s conference is eagerly anticipated by several political pundits, as it comes some two weeks after the bruising presidential run-off between Dr Peter Phillips and Peter Bunting.

Phillips barely scraped through to hold on to the leadership crown by a mere 76 votes.

Many PNP supporters turned up at the National Arena in St Andrew to be part of the annual conference. See pictures in the gallery below.

Political commentators are watching to see if the seeds of division will spill out on the conference floor, as at yesterday’s private session at Jamaica College in St Andrew, some comrades wore ‘Rise United’ shirts while other’s shouted ‘One PNP’ when Bunting entered the auditorium where the meeting was held. ‘Rise United’ was Bunting’s slogan while Phillips used ‘One PNP’.

Bunting will reportedly address the conference as the party is desperately trying to put up a united front to heal the deep wounds of division. 

The party leader is expected to try and perform a balancing act – try to highlight that the party is united and election ready, and also seek to make the case that the Government is corrupt and looking out for the interest of a few.

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