PNP wants stadium in top shape for Champs

Wavell Hinds

The Opposition People’s National Party says that with just a month to go before the 110th staging of the Boys and Girls Athletics Championship, it is concerned that the National Stadium facility is not prepared to host the event.

“We are aware of the recent complaint by national discus record holder, Federick Dacres about the discus circle and we have done our checks to also find out that a large part of the areas for other field events is also not in tip-top shape,” PNP caretaker/candidate for Eastern Hanover Wavell Hinds said in a statement.

According to the former West Indies cricketer, his checks have revealed that funding is available to maintain the facility. The party is, therefore, calling on Independence Park Limited (IPL) to act swiftly to complete the repairs.

“In a time when a calendar of events for the Stadium has been known from as early as October last year, we are disappointed that the repairs have not been done. We note that several track meets have been kept at the venue since the start of this year,” he said.

He stressed that the safety of the athletes is paramount and that the IPL should ensure that the venue is ready in order for the athletes to perform at their best. “We demand swift and efficient action on this matter,” the former batsman said.