PNP working to restore unity ahead of general election

PNP General Secretary Julian Robinson said the part isn’t as fractured as some are claiming.

The People’s National Party (PNP) used its two-day retreat at the University of the West Indies on the weekend to focus on restoring unity within the organisation ahead of the expected general election this year.

A major point of discontent tackled was that of the controversial reappointment of Dr Dayton Campbell to the shadow cabinet last week. Since the reappointment, news has emerged that there was a high level of strife within the party.

Speaking after the retreat, PNP General Secretary Julian Robinson said that while there was a level of healing to be undertaken, things were not as bad as persons were making it out to be.

Dr Dayton Campbell’s reappointment to the Shadow Cabinet has reportedly sparked strife within the party.

He sought to dispell rumours that Campbell is set to take over roles from Damion Crawford—who is a vice president—by highlighting that the PNP’s manifesto was presented by Crawford at the retreat.

However, he notes that there was a lot of work to be done and that the PNP was now seeking to put their political machinery in gear and bracing themselves for the election.

Campbell was Peter Bunting’s campaign manager in Bunting’s failed bid to unseat Dr Peter Phillips as head of the PNP.