PNP’s Haughton apologises to party leader for GCT comment

Senator Dr Andre Haughton

Senator Andre Haughton has apologised to his party leader Dr Peter Phillips for comments he made in the Senate last Friday during the State of the Nation Debate.

In a statement to the media on Wednesday, Haughton said that his remarks in the Senate, which rebutted Phillips’ suggestion on the General Consumption Tax (GCT), was not intended to be disrespectful.

“No disrespect was meant by it.”

— Haughton

According to Haughton, his presentation to the Senate was directed at the inadequate budgetary allocations given to crucial sectors such as health, education and national security.

Haughton said: “Truthfully, my comments on the GCT reform as encroached on the party leadership and the Shadow Ministry of Finance and no disrespect was meant by it.

PNP Leader Dr Peter Phillips

“As a new member of the Shadow Cabinet, I was unaware of previous discussions and decision on tax policy, which falls in the portfolio of the Leader of the Opposition and the Shadow Minister of Finance,” the statement said.

In his presentation to the State of the Nation Debate, Haughton, who has a doctorate in economics, dismissed Phillips’ call for a two-percentage-point reduction in GCT.