Police arrest and charge con man pretending to be Daryl Vaz

Western Portland Member of Parliament Daryl Vaz

The police have arrested and charged a man who is accused of conning unsuspecting persons out of millions of dollars by pretending to be Cabinet Minister Daryl Vaz.

Shawn Latham allegedly pretended to be the government minister by using his image and name to lure persons into believing a purported car auction was real. According to reports, between Wednesday, June 9 and Monday, June 14, Latham used the image and name of government minister and Western Portland Member of Parliament Daryl Vaz to lure unsuspecting people to purchase motor vehicles through an alleged auction at the Kingston Wharf.

However persons became suspicious and a sting operation was conducted and subsequently, the 35-year-old merchandiser of a Kingston address was held and charged by the police. He is charged on the count of obtaining money by false pretense and fraudulent conversation. Persons reportedly paid out more than four million to him for two vehicles. Latham reportedly used instant messaging and calls to get persons to believe that he was legitimate.

Following his arrest, the police have begun investigations into several other cases that they suspect he is the perpetrator of.

Minister Vaz has also distanced himself from the situation, saying he feels violated as the man used a picture of his family to conduct his con man operations.