Police detain children at Trini sex party

The apartment in Port of Spain where a sex party with minors was broken up and several people detained. (Photo: Courtesy Trinidad Express)

Several children were reportedly among 42 people detained by the police in Trinidad during what has been described as a sex party at an apartment shortly after midnight on Monday (Oct 21).

According to media reports a number of businessmen driving luxury cars were among the 20 men taken away from the apartment complex in Port of Spain.

The minors were among 22 females detained by the police. Police said most of the females are non-nationals, with no identification documents.

According to the police, they were engaged in lewd dancing, prostitution, and child endangerment. A large quantity of cash, drugs and a gun were reportedly found at the complex.

The 20 men found at the property were arrested. Police Commissioner Gary Griffith led the operation, which included officers of the Port of Spain Division, Canine Unit and City Police.