Police warn 300 people for breaching curfew order, four detained

More than 300 people were warned for breaching the Disaster Risk Management Act on Sunday after lawmen mounted roadblocks at various spots in St Catherine.

It is understood that between 3 and 7 p.m. the police, with assistance from the Jamaica Defence Force, mounted roadblocks along the Hellshire main road, Caymanas Bay Road, Dyke Road, and Old Harbour Bay main road.

During this time, more than 300 people were warned because they were on the road while the 3 p.m. curfew had already started. The curfew was put in place to help reduce to spread of COVID-19 across the island.

Of the 443 vehicles that were stopped, 156 were searched. Three cars and a motorcycle were seized, and 33 tickets were issued.

In addition, four persons were detained. Two of those persons are being questioned about shooting incidents.

The police also seized seven offensive weapons and a quarter pound of ganja.