Pope cuts salaries of cardinals and priests

Pope Francis

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the finances of the Vatican. So much so that Pope Francis has ordered a pay cut for cardinals and other clerics.

Cardinals will see their pay reduced by 10 per cent as of April, the Vatican said.

They are believed to take home up to €5,000 (US $5,900) every month and often live in subsidised accommodation.

Meanwhile, priests and other clerics will see their salaries cut by between 3 per cent and 8 per cent. Also planned salary increases will be suspended until March 2023.

This pay cut comes as the Pope has previously expressed that he does not want to fire people in these difficult economic times.

“An economically sustainable future today requires, among other decisions, the adoption of measures concerning staff salaries,” the letter read.

It said action was being taken “following the health emergency caused by the spread of Covid-19 which negatively affected all sources of income of the Holy See and the Vatican City State”.

The Holy See is the governing body of the Roman Catholic Church.