Popular Jamaican journalist Dionne Jackson Miller tests positive for COVID-19

Dionne Jackson-Miller

Popular Jamaican journalist, Dionne Jackson Miller has tested positive for COVID-19.

Jackson-Miller shared her diagnosis in a series of tweets. She said she started experiencing symptoms last Wednesday and immediately self-isolated.

“I did a PCR test on Friday and got the results today,” she tweeted.

She added; “The main symptom I have been having is pain. Low-grade headache, pretty bad backache, and strange pains in several other places. Like I am being twisted a little internally, v weird feeling. Very slight fever for a day or 2, nothing serious. Very, very dehydrated. All the time.”

She said she’ll be taking a few days off from work to rest and recover.

“Yes, I’m hydrating. No breathing problems so far, and hoping it stays that way. Fatigue, yes. I’m therefore doing what I rarely do lolol (ask my producers) and take a few days off to rest and recover. Stay safe ok #KeepGoing.”

Jackson-Miller is the host of two of Jamaica’s flagship current affairs programmes- All Angles and Beyond the Headlines. After experiencing symptoms, she said she did both programmes from home.