Portia says it’s time for the PNP to unite

Former Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller
Former Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller (Photo: JIS)

Former Prime Minister and president of the Peoples National Party (PNP), Portia Simpson Miller, has congratulated Dr Peter Phillips on maintaining his hold on the presidency of the party, and she also lauded his challenger Peter Bunting for being a strong contender.

“Congratulations Comrade @DrPeterPhillips! A good effort Comrade @PeterBuntingMP! The contest is over, it’s time to come together and prepare the PNP for victory. #PNPSTRONG,” she posted on Twitter early Sunday morning.

Dr Peter Phillips was in high spirits at Saturday's presidential election.
Dr Peter Phillips was in high spirits at Saturday’s presidential election.

Even though Peter Bunting fell short in his bid to become president of the party, he appeared unperturbed on Saturday during his concession speech. On Sunday, he took to social media to show gratitude to his supporters and members of the Rise United team.

“The definition of rise is to: move from a lower position to a higher one; come or go up, to get up from lying, sitting, or kneeling. To all of you who took on the challenge to rise with us, we say thanks from the bottom of our hearts. The word is forever love,” Bunting stated.

A cheerful Peter Bunting greets a supporter.
A cheerful Peter Bunting greets a supporter on Saturday.

Phillips also thanked “all Comrades” on Sunday morning.

“Thank you for the victory that has been achieved. Thank you to all the delegates, my campaign team, the VPs, Region Chairs, Senators, MPs, Councillors, Candidates, Caretakers, Women’s Movement, Youth Organisation, Patriots, Workers, Warriors and Foot Soldiers. I also want to thank my wife Sandra and my family,” he said on Instagram.

“Our mission is to come together and proceed with the task of organisation, present our case and policies to the people of Jamaica who are fed up with the Jamaica Labour Party Government which has left us with more crime, corruption, poverty and difficulties in our lives because of poor social services. To the supporters of One PNP and Rise United, we must now rise together as one united party with discipline and respect for each other. It is a time to celebrate our philosophy which puts people first. God bless you all. One heart. One Love!”

Written by Claudia Gardner