Power outages, blocked roads across Jamaica as bad weather persists

Severe weather across Jamaica impacted utilities, made roadways impassable and knocked out the police emergency number.

(Photo: Repeating Islands)

Much of the island is being impacted by a broad trough that is affecting the western Caribbean.

The Meteorological Service of Jamaica says the trough will continue to influence weather conditions until tomorrow.

Additionally, a high pressure ride will build across the island come Tuesday, the Service said.

Gusty winds are to be expected across southern parishes due to the presence of the low-level jet stream, a narrow band of fast flowing wind in the lower levels of the atmosphere

The ongoing bad weather resulted in electricity being impacted in many areas across the island, most heavily in western parishes, Manchester, St Thomas and rural St Andrew the Jamaica Public Service Company said.

Power outages have been caused by dislodges poles due to saturated and eroded soil and landslides, plus trees have brought down some lines.

“While the teams are doing their best to address the situation, efforts are being hampered by impassable roadways, as well as ongoing rains which make working with electricity dangerous. Teams are however doing their best to work as quickly and safely as possible,” the JPS said.

What’s more, the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) warned that many roadways across the Corporate Area and beyond are impassable and advised motorists to seek alternate routes.

The JCF’s emergency 119 number is also down due to the weather, with citizens being advised to call 876-927-9910 or 876-927-7778 or 876-927-7584 if needed.