Premier League bans handshaking

The English Premier League has officially banned players and match officials from shaking hands until further notice.

The ruling against handshaking is said to be based on medical advice and is an attempt to limit the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19).

A statement from the Premier League said: “The Premier League fair-play handshake will not take place between players and match officials from this weekend until further notice based on medical advice.

“Coronavirus is spread via droplets from nose and mouth and can be transmitted onto the hands and passed on via handshake. Club and Match Officials will still perform the rest of the traditional walk-out protocol ahead of each fixture.

“On entering the field of play, the two teams will continue to line up, accompanied by the Premier League music, then players from the home team will walk past their opposition without shaking their hands.”

Unlike Italy’s Serie A, Premier League fixtures and kick-off times remain unaffected as it stands.