Pressure mounts on Jamaican MP George Wright to resign

A viral video, now making rounds on social media, could spell the end of the political career for Member of Parliament George Wright, among other ramifications.

The video in question shows a man assaulting a woman, and it is strongly believed by many that Wright is the man in the video. The first time MP is affiliated to the ruling Jamaica Labour Party.

The incident is said to have taken place in the community of Chester Castle in Westmoreland and shows the man using what seems to be a stool to hit the woman. 

Since then, the clamour has grown for him to step down from his various duties involving his public office. The opposition People’s National Party, through Shadow Spokesperson Donna Scott- Mottley, has called on him to resign immediately as Member of Parliament.

Gender Rights activist Nadeen Spence, has called on the party to expel Wright for this behavior, to send a message that situations like this will not be tolerated.

The JLP has asked that MP Wright report to and coorporate with the Police on the matter that has caused outrage across the country, especially at a time when women have seemingly come under attack from their male counterparts.