Prime Minister gives Jamaicans C+ in effort to curb coronavirus

If Prime Minister, Andrew Holness could give a grade to citizens for how they have responded to the various measures implemented by the government to curb the spread of the coronavirus, he’d assign a C plus.

The Prime Minister was speaking at a virtual press conference on Tuesday, where he disclosed that, generally, Jamaicans were acting responsibly. “In my opinion, citizen corporation is the most important variable. How are the citizens behaving? Are they acting responsibly?

Prime Minister of Jamaica, Andrew Holness

“If I were to give a grade, I would say that 70 per cent of Jamaicans are acting responsibly. The greatest challenge I’m seeing is for us to observe social distancing,” he said.

He is therefore asking Jamaicans to observe the social distancing measures implemented.

“I take the opportunity to appeal, in public places, in meetings, gatherings, stay six feet apart, try to get the concept of six feet, walk with your tape measure if you have to, and get that concept of six feet,” he said.

Jamaica now a total of 564 confirmed coronavirus cases, 267 patients have recovered so far, and nine related deaths. The country had a total of 309 active cases.