Rat clash: KSAMC councillors quarrel over rat infestation report

Tuesday’s meeting of the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation’s (KSAMC) Parish Disaster Preparedness and Public Health Committee came to an abrupt end after it descended into a shouting match over a rat infestation report.

Councillor Andrew Swaby (People’s National Party, Vineyard Town Division) did not believe a report about a rat infestation on Antrim Road in Vineyard Town.

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Councillor Andrew Swaby People’s National Party representative, Vineyard Town Division (Photo: jis.gov.jm)

Chief Public Health Inspector, Winnifred Meeks said she had received the report on inspections done by the Kingston and St Andrew Public Health Department on January 18, 2020.

But Meeks said the report stated that the inspectors could not gain access to 17 of the 29 premises on Antrim Road.

Chief Public Health Inspector, Winnifred Meeks

According to a report in the Jamaica Observer Swaby said he had been complaining about rat infestation in that section of his division since 2017.

And based on the current conditions at the specific premises on Antrim Road, he was disputing the inspection report.

Meanwhile Meeks said she would be revisiting the matter.

Councillor Beverly Prince (Jamaica Labour Party, Molynes Gardens Division) eventually ended the meeting as the feuding councillors ignored her gavel.