Re-think & retool: Phillips calls for improved standards for BPO sector

Dr Peter Phillips

Opposition leader Dr Peter Phillips has urged the Government to proceed cautiously with the business process outsourcing (BPOs) entities, which he said remain a vital source of foreign exchange.

Dr Phillips made the call in an address to the nation Sunday evening (April 26).

He said, in order to protect the BPO sector of the economy, the government must establish and enforce new and improved standards of operation.

“The BPO leaders also have a critical proactive role to play to protect the industry and invest in the health protection of their workers and wider communities. This is time for active, honest partnership and accountability.

“Given that there is no vaccine on the horizon, every company in each industry, every organization needs to re-think and re-tool in light of the new ways in which we will have to operate and succeed in this new normal.” Dr Phillips explained.

He added that there is need for the equipping of public spaces to provide services to meet the required standards of sanitation and hygiene protocols of a changed consumer and for a world that may require social distancing until a vaccine is found.

“Education is also a critical area. With schools being closed, over 300,000 poor students who don’t have access to online learning will be left out. Even as we improve access islandwide, we need to design plans for the extensive remedial efforts that will be required when schools reopen. There should be a focus especially on those students going into high school this September,” the Opposition Leader stated in his national address.