Recovery of tourism industry critical—Bartlett

Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett says the recovery of Jamaica’s tourism industry is critical to the overall COVID-19 recovery programme.

Speaking at a recent digital media briefing, Bartlett said that “we [Tourism] are impacted greatly by it [COVID-19], but we also must be a central point of the management and recovery activities”.

He said it’s clear that the pathway for the recovery of tourism will be led by workers in the industry. “I am proud to say that my Government has made the first and important move to secure the well-being of the workers of the tourism industry,” Bartlett said.

The Government will provide financial assistance to employees who have been laid off during the COVID-19 outbreak, by way of the COVID-19 Allocation of Resources to Employees (CARE) programme.

The CARE programme forms part of the Government’s $25-billion stimulus package.