Reggae Girlz go for Group E top spot in CONCACAF Under-20 Championship


Jamaica’s young Reggae Girlz will battle Canada at the Estadio Panamericano in San Cristobal, the Dominican Republic on Wednesday at 3:00 pm.

The Girlz are hunting the top spot in Group E of the CONCACAF Under-20 Women’s Championships.

They are tied on four points with Canada, but lead the group on goal difference. The Reggae Girlz have a goal difference of three to Canada’s two. Guatemala are on two points and El Salvador at the bottom without a point.

The Reggae Girlz can win the group with a victory against Canada, but can also end at the top with a draw and should Guatemala fail to beat El Salvador by anything more than a 4-0 margin.

A 3-0 victory for Guatemala over El Salvador and Jamaica drawing with Canada would have the Reggae Girlz topping the group on goals scored as both would end on five points and have the same goal difference of three.