Reggae Girlz strike over unpaid wages from World Cup appearance

The Reggae Girlz in France for the Women’s World Cup earlier in June (Photo:

Members of Jamaica’s Reggae Girlz football squad have promised that they will not lace up their boots for the island again until they are paid for playing at the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

It is understood that the players and the island’s governing body, the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) signed an agreement before the Women’s World Cup. The JFF, according to reports, is yet to pay the players despite the month-long tournament ending July 7.

This nonpayment has drawn the ire of the players, with top striker Khadija ‘Bunny’ Shaw taking to social media to emphasise her disgust at the situation.

In an Instagram post, Shaw said, “I won’t be representing Jamaica in any future tournaments until being paid.”

It is the latest dispute between the Michael Ricketts-led JFF and the Reggae Girlz as well as their longstanding contributor Cedella Marley.

All have been at loggerheads long before the Girlz qualified for the World Cup stretching back years.