Reggae Mill closed, other Devon House businesses to reopen

Reggae Mill will remain closed for two weeks following its breach of the COVID-19 measures on Friday, July 3.

Devon House

Additionally, the other businesses located at Devon House in Kingston, Jamaica will be allowed to re-open, said Minister of Local Government and Community Development Desmond McKenzie.

“In addition to announcing the closure yesterday, July 6, I indicated that a meeting would be held today with the management of Devon House. That meeting was held, and the decision has been made that the remaining 25 shops that operate out of Devon House should not be penalised for the offence committed at the Reggae Mill venue,” McKenzie said.

“The Reggae Mill will be closed for two weeks. Additionally, no place of amusement licence will be granted for four to six weeks. The operations of Devon House will be closely monitored to see to it that the management of the entity takes all necessary steps to ensure that there are no further breaches of the protocols,” the mayor of Kingston added.

It’s not yet clear what other action will be taken against Reggae Mill for its violation after video of its happy hour on Friday went viral, drawing the ire of many who highlighted that there was no physical distancing measures or enforcement of mask wearing present.

McKenzie, in a briefing yesterday, had ordered Devon House closed starting today for the violations.