Remote working increases productivity says Barbados’s Human Resource Association

The coronavirus pandemic forced many businesses to shift their operations to remote working, and Barbados’s Human Resource Association is reporting that this benefitted them tremendously.

President of the association, Brittany Braithwaite told BUZZ that productivity has increased. “Overwhelmingly productivity has increased as a result of remote work increasing and not just in Latin America and the Caribbean but internationally.”

But there’s a caveat as employees have been reporting more burnouts from working longer hours.

“There are statistics of burnout and that should be a concern because we have realized that people have removed that physical barrier from work and home as work now is [at] home. There has been a tremendous increase in the numbers of persons citing burnout because of this switch. So, balancing has become a bit more difficult for employees,” she said.

She added; “We need to ensure that we are encouraging our team members to take care of themselves and manage that time.”

Brathwaite further explained that although public and private sector entities are returning to the office many have realized throughout the lockdowns that they can carry out operations in a fully remote way.

“Some persons are returning to full capacity, but some are not. There are some entities who are intra-regional, who have employees based across the region and have had physical territories. But we are seeing those companies remain fully remote and it is working for many people.”

Braithwaite also addressed concerns as to whether or not remote workers will be paid the same as those in office. She maintained that remote workers should be paid the same as both remote workers and office workers are rendering the same service.