Ruel Reid’s bid to have his charges dropped to be heard in court in December

Ruel Reid and his family, covered by blanket, being arrested in October.

The Supreme Court will on December 18 hear Ruel Reid and Dr Fritz Pinnock’s application for judicial review of the charges laid against them in October.

Reid and Pinnock were arrested by the Financial Investigations Division on October 9.

They are contending that the FID does not have the legal authority to bring charges against them or to obtain a fiat from the director of public prosecutions to prosecute them. According to the application, FID is only an investigative body.

Dr Fritz Pinnock

The men’s aim is to have the charges against them dropped. Should the court rule in their favour, the charges against their co-accused, Sharen, who is Reid’s wife; their daughter Sharelle; and councillor for the Brown’s Town Division Kim Brown-Lawrence will also be dropped.

Reid is the former Minister of Education and Pinnock is the president of the Caribbean Maritime University.