Rich countries hoarding COVID-19 vaccines

A report from the People’s Vaccine Alliance revealed that rich countries have hoarded enough doses to vaccinate their entire populations nearly three times over.

This means that as many as 90 per cent of the population in dozens of poorer countries will miss out on the coronavirus vaccine next year because most of the supply has already been taken by rich nations.

Al Jazeera reports that 53 per cent of vaccines have already been bought by rich nations that are home to only 14 per cent of the world’s population.

That leaves poorer countries with only enough vaccines for one out of 10 people.

“The hoarding of vaccines actively undermines global efforts to ensure that everyone, everywhere can be protected from COVID-19,” Steve Cockburn, Amnesty International’s head of economic and social justice, said.

“Rich countries have clear human rights obligations not only to refrain from actions that could harm access to vaccines elsewhere but also to cooperate and provide assistance to countries that need it.”