Rick’s Café gets the green light, back in operation after Mocha Fest saga

Popular tourist hot spot Rick’s Café received a go-ahead on Tuesday (June 8) to restart operations after it was closed following breaches of the Disaster Risk Management Act, which strictly prohibits the hosting of entertainment events.

The Negril-based establishment had been ordered closed for seven days on May 28 after it was revealed that they had hosted a party from the Mocha Fest series at the venue.

Videos from the event which surfaced online, showed a large group of persons partying, with most not wearing masks.

The public outrage about the perceived double standard regarding the hosting of entertainment events led to the Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo) stepping in and revoking their COVID-19 Compliance Certification.

The Ministry of Local Government in a release later highlighted that the entity had an expired Places of Amusement license. 

It is understood that Rick’s Café has since completed the application process for the expired license to be renewed through the Westmoreland Municipal Corporation.

Despite the return to operations, it was reiterated by local authorities that the entity is not allowed to host parties or any other entertainment events, which remain banned under local laws. 

Rick’s Café has become a world famous site for it’s stunning sunset views and cliff diving.