Rihanna’s Fenty line goes pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

October, being recognised as breast cancer awareness month, sees industry leaders and ordinary citizens donning their pink power in any possible to support the cause.

Traditionally, we are used to pink ribbons, armbands or pins to represent breast cancer.

Media mogul, Rihanna, decided to up the ante this year, with her Savage x Fenty line releasing a US$60 Savage X Thrivers VIP Box, which includes an assortment of pink bra and panty sets. 

Funds from this line will be directed to the Clara Lionel Foundation – which was founded by Rihanna in 2012 to honor her grandparents. The proceeds will then go towards helping a group of young women living with aggressive forms of breast cancer.

Rihanna shared that the wanted to create awareness and support women living and thriving despite the deadly disease.

The beauty and entertainment industry titan said, “I want to raise awareness for under-served breast cancer communities and the Savage X Thrivers VIP Box represent young women of all walks of life living and thriving with cancer, the easiest way for people to get involved and make a difference is by shopping this box and collection.”

The campaign highlights the inspiring stories of four women: Johanna, diagnosed at 32; Bianca, diagnosed with ovarian cancer at 11 and breast cancer in her early 20s;Stephanie who was diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer and