‘Rising Together’: Bunting posts ‘vulnerable’ video calling for party unity

Peter Bunting has released a sombre video on social media calling for unity among People’s National Party (PNP) supporters.

The post follows his failed bid for the presidency of the PNP. He lost the election by 75 votes on Saturday (Sept 7) to incumbent Dr Peter Phillips.

On Tuesday morning (Sept 10), Bunting shared his video, encouraging PNP supporters to ‘rise together’, pulling on the taglines used by both campaign teams. He noted that his challenge for the presidency represented “one of the most significant experiences of [his] political career”. He outlined that the response to the campaign was an energizing and inspiring experience for himself and the party.

“The task now for leadership of the PNP, really not just one side or the other, is how to channel that energy… so that we maintain that in the interest of the party going forward,” Bunting said.

He urged the leadership not to allow those who have been re-engaged and re-energised to “lapse back into non-participation in the political process”.

The message comes after Bunting and others of his Rise United team tendered their resignations to Phillips. Phillips subsequently requested via Twitter that all spokespersons remain in their positions.

Bunting ended his message, noting that the campaign has left him “more vulnerable” while sharing his confidence that they’ve made a “tremendous impact” which he hopes “will be sustained for the betterment of Jamaica.”

See Bunting’s full video below: