Robots helping to test for coronavirus

Photo: CNBC

It’s all kinds of hands on deck as the world come together to fight the coronavirus pandemic. A team of robots is helping researchers to speed up the process of analyzing COVID-19 samples.

According to a report in the Californian Daily, while one robot takes patient samples from inside to the lab and transfers them to plates with wells another robot conduts what’s known as a quantitative polymerase chain reaction, or qPCR, test.

The robots were developed by researchers at the UC Berkeley and UCSF Innovative Genomics Institute (IGI) and are being used in a pop-up lab to automate nearly the entire testing process.

And another report in Forbes said researchers in charge of the team of robots, say that they’re conducting tests on about 200 samples per day. 

Once the system is scaled up, they hope to reach 1,000 samples per day with a max capacity up to 3,000 tests per day if necessary.

According to the researchers, the lab can have a sample analyzed and turned around in less than 24 hours