Rockets fall near US Embassy in Baghdad

The US Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq (Photo: Times of Israel)

Reports are coming in that at least five katyusha rockets were fired close to the US Embassy in Baghdad on Sunday.

The embassy, located in Tigris, is said to have been hit by one rocket near the dining hall, with two other projectiles coming ‘within striking range’ of the facility.

However, while no deaths have been confirmed, it is unclear how many injuries, if any, have been recorded.

According to reports from CNN and Al Jazeera, loud noises were heard in the vicinity of the embassy – which also shares space with some other diplomatic missions in Iraq’s heavily militarised ‘Green Zone’.

The fresh strikes mark continued retaliation to the American presence in the area following the killing of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani.

There have been other incidents of protests, including a breach of the embassy’s outer walls, where some persons burned items indiscriminately.

Congressman and Texas Republican Michael McCaul said in a tweet that he will be closely monitoring the situation in Baghdad – warning that acts of aggression against the US will not be tolerated.