Rohan Chung seeking recount, takes matter to court

Independent Candidate Rohan Chung Denies Using Former JLP Representative's  Name To Gain Money For His Campaign - Nationwide 90FM
Independent candidate, Rohan Chung

In this episode of ‘Jamaica is Not a Real Place’, Rohan Chung, an independent candidate for Central Manchester in the general election is seeking a recount.

The businessman managed to scrape together a mere 68 votes to the Jamaica Labour Party’s Rhoda Crawford’s 8,097 votes, and the People’s National Party’s Peter Bunting 7,112 votes.

Nonetheless, Chung refuses to accept defeat. Calling the election ‘a scam’, Chung repeatedly expressed that it was rigged, and is looking to correct it in the Manchester Parish court.

In his submission to the court, Chung said he was invited to a recount of the ballots at the Manchester High School on September 5,2020. But when he arrived, he noted some improprieties.

“When I got there I was being Jared and a lady was requesting security to have me removed. I could not see the ballot properly, and I was objecting to a ballot that was marked twice. After which I was told that they do not have all day, and started to count the ballot fast, and ignored my objections by kissing his teeth,” he said.

“The returning officer, Mr. Peart, then improperly rejected a few ballots. Also a lot of the PD that family and friends voted for me came in empty. Before I left there was made mention of an incident by one of the EOJ staff that I had a PD, where the preliminary numbers indicating I had 22 votes but by the time it got in, I was told it had been changed to another candidate,” he continued.

“He also made an incorrect addition of the number of ballots cast to another candidate,” he added.