Rome bans diesel cars

(Photo: Air Quality News)

Rome banned all diesel vehicles from its road on Tuesday. This is in an effort to combat rising air pollution.

Rome has been experiencing a prolonged period of sunny weather with no rain and little wind which has triggered dozens of smog alerts across the country.

And so the local transport authority issued this order that would affect around one million vehicles.

Diesel cars, vans and motorbikes are all banned from the road during peak hours.

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But oil companies are accusing the city council of over-reacting. “This appears to be a totally unjustified decision from a scientific point of view, which offers no environmental advantage and therefore unnecessarily penalises a wide range of citizens,” it said in a statement.

However, environmental group Legambiente said this decision is long overdue.

“This decision was incredibly delayed. The city council is only banning diesel following 10 days of poisoned air,” it said in a statement.